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      Diabetes, Chromium, Blood sugar, HbA1c. [1]
      Dispersion, SiO2, MoO3, pH, XRD. [1]
      Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Extracts, Alloxan, Diabetes, Liver enzymes, Kidney functions. Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is one of major metabolic disorders, it's characterized by high blood glucose levels(1). The number of people living with diabetes is expected to rise from 366 million in 2011 to 552 million by 2030. 80% of people with diabetes live in low and middle income countries(2). It's generally considered that hyperglycemia is the major factor in the pathogenesis of diabetic complications(3). Hyperglycemia and the effects of diabetogenic agent Alloxan in experimental diabetes increase the generation of free radicals that may lead to liver cells damage(4),(5), and that causes to impairment of liver function(6). Impairment of kidney function is a prominent feature of diabetes, Over time diabetic nephropathy will develop(3). Medicinal plants play an important role in the management of diabetes especially in developing countries where resources are meager(7),(8). Presently, there is an increased demand to use natural products with antidiabetic activity(9) due to the secondary failure rates and side effects associated with the use of insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents(9),(6). Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) [1]
      FTIR, DSC, oven aging, antioxidant. [1]
      garlic flesh, lipid profile, abdominal fats, Allium sativum, rats [1]
      low carbon steel, the water of Gabraun, Zweala, Ubari and Sebha, corrosion rate [1]
      Maize, yield, yield components ,micronutrients, soaking seeds duration. [1]
      Metallic elements, - عناصر فلزية - قياس طيفي - مياه - تشاد - Spectrometry, Waters, Chad. [1]
      Modified silica gel, Adsorption. [1]
      Non-parametric regression, local polynomial kernel estimator, Direct plug-In (DPI) selection, Residual Square Criterion. [1]
      Oestrogen receptor, ER-beta receptor. [1]
      Olives, Oleaeuropaea L., Phomopsis spp., Phomaspp. branch blight. [1]
      Polygonal approximation, contour representation, and contour compression [1]
      pyrrolopyrimidines, Pyrimidopyrimidines, synthesis , Biological activity [1]
      Retamamonosperma [1]
      Schiff Base Metal Complexes, Spectroscopic Study, Biological Activity [1]
      Synuclein, ovarian cancer, Breast cancer [1]
      Trichomonasvaginalis,Candida albicans. [1]
      Univalent functions, 2k-symmetric conjugate points. Hadamard product (or convolution). [1]
      الاجهاد الحراري - المعاملة الميكانكية للخرطان - بيكربونات الصوديوم - ابقار الفريزيان [1]