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      Deffecultes Et Obstacles ،Dans L'ensignement ،De L'expression Ecrite [1]
      Diabetes, Chromium, Blood sugar, HbA1c. [1]
      Diabetic Retinopathy, Management, Blindness Prevention. [1]
      Difficultés et analyse des erreurs en production écrite des étudiants libyens de FLE au niveau A2 à l'université de Derna [1]
      Difficulties of Translating Islamic Legal Terms Derived From Sharia From Arabic into English [1]
      Difficulties That Face Students of Translation in Translating Euphemisms From English into Arabic [1]
      Difficulties that facing the translators in translating Hadith into English [1]
      Dispersion, SiO2, MoO3, pH, XRD. [1]
      Dissertation Submitted to the Department of English Languauge in partial fullfillment of the Requirements of the bachelor of applied linguistics [1]
      Dissertation submitted to the University of Sabha in partial requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in applied linguistics [1]
      Distal clavicle, fracture, open reduction and internal fixation, kirshner wires. [1]
      Distilled Water; Aluminum Oxide; Reservoir Sandstone; Recovery Factor; Temperature; Spontaneous imbibition test. [1]
      Down's syndrome, children, amino acids [1]
      drama, ESL, role-playing [2]
      drilling engineer [1]
      Drilling fluid loss , Magnesium aluminate spinel , barley husk ash. [1]
      Dust, Fungi, Sebha, Hospital, Operating Theaters, Intensive Care Units, Neonatal Wards [1]
      Educational Intervention, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Hypertension, Control [1]
      electrolyte, total calcium, sodium, botassium [1]